Hello, everyone. Michael LeBlanc, (AKA SittinWithYou) here.
Welcome to my website. <3

DinQ: D&D in the Coffin Hold of the USS Enterprise is on sale as an ebook!

It’s Michael’s breakout memoir!

Buddhist ☻ Content Creator ☻ Nerd

Though he’s been making videos and content for years, it’s been only recently SittinWithYou’s found a a sense of community. And – since he’s really keen of expressing his appreciation for those he’s connected with – he’s made a bit of merch. Follow the links below!


Perhaps you’ve seen him on other sites, like these. 


Follower Testimonials

“you look like a science teacher or a russian spy”


“Budget ass Ryan Reynolds lol”


‘Yo that ain’t sliph, that’s Ryan Reynolds.


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