Be Original. Unashamedly.

Michael (aka SittinWithYou) looks lovingly at the one who encourages him to Be Original.

Be original.

On a recent trip to Northern Georgia, I took the time to enjoy the warmth of the sun, the clarity of the air, and the love of my lady. I took a lot of ‘promo’ shots, but nothing was as true to the moment as this shot.

It got me thinking and feeling pretty loved. I’m glad I’ve got someone who pushes me to be original.

Get you a human that makes you glad that you’re you.
Get you a human that makes your face involuntarily turn up at the ends.
Get you a human that pushes you to Be.

Or, alternatively, get to know you more. Be original with you. Be your own cheerleader.

You could be your own human, you know. It’s not that odd. Folks do it all the time. 😉

And, if you’re inclined, click HERE to get a hoodie that celebrates that drive.

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