Cannibal Reboot

Have you ever wanted to watch a cannibal reboot? Well, now with the advent of Netflix and the glorification of mental illnesses, you can do just that and watch the newest reboot: Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Though, personally, I liked it better when it was about Clarice. (see more at my TikTok …

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I Went Live with Bonfire.

And I did this first because I wanted to start… anything! I could be advertising this site more but I’m not ready with the Printful store yet. Soon, I reckon, I will be… once I get a couple more designs. Until then, I’ll just release little bits of myself at a time. Forward motion feels …

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The Process

I’ve been finding it hard not to create lately, and I think I know why… I’m rapidly approaching 40. I made a joke – a lil’ offhanded comment – that made me stop and think right after I said it. I was on my TikTok live the other day and I said, “I need to …

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Woah! You’ve made it!

I decided a bit ago that i was going to make a blog/vlog/video/writing effort. I then decided to make a community that encapsulates all of that. Thank you all for allowing me to sit with you.

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