When the thought strikes him, Michael will compose his words to a typed form.

What you do with it after that is your concern.

Leap Year

1. Hey there, podcast lovers! Hey there, podcast lovers! Can you believe it’s already leap year? Time is flying by as I wrap up recording interviews for the latest episodes of the “It’s Your Loss” podcast. And let me tell you, this leap year madness has got me reflecting on all the amazing guests I’ve …

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Recording Progress

Three episodes down, and I’m well into the rhythm of my recording progress for the “It’s Your Loss Podcast.” As the late April release date steadily approaches, each session becomes more exciting and revealing. This week’s recording session was particularly insightful, delving deep into the intricacies of loss. The podcast, bearing the same name, is …

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Grieving Together

We should be grieving together, separately. In the intricate tapestry of life, losses go beyond death; grief touches upon status, possessions, and selfhood. How do you navigate these emotions? Join the “It’s Your Loss” podcast, where sharing your story becomes a powerful act, dismantling the stigma around diverse grief methods. Moving beyond the boundaries of …

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Winter Blues

Winter’s icy grip and the winter blues, often brings with it an unwelcome companion ā€“ seasonal depression. Recognizing its symptoms is the first step in understanding and mitigating its impact. Lethargy settles in, casting a heavy shadow over daily life. A persistent sadness lingers, and a pervasive sense of low energy can make even the …

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Fresh Starts

Let’s talk fresh starts. 2024 has just kicked off, and Iā€™m pondering a simple idea: making new memories. It’s like giving your brain a mini-vacation without leaving your routine. Ever notice how time seems to stretch when you’ve got a handful of novel experiences under your belt? Life can feel like a monotonous loop if …

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Shaping 2024

As we get closer to shaping 2024, we stand at the threshold of possibilities. The question lingers: are you one to make promises or to mold your future like a skilled sculptor with a lump of clay? The promise-maker looks ahead with a checklist of resolutions, a roadmap for self-improvement. They vow to hit the …

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