I’ve shot things with cameras, lights and mics. I hope they entertainment.

My Book

My book was an exercise in transformation. Alchemy occurs when words become the vessel for our deepest emotions, experiences, and, at times, our wounds. For me, writing “DinQ: D&D in the Coffin Hold of the USS Enterprise” was more than just crafting a memoir; it was a profound point of catharsis. Basically, I knew this …

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One Hour

Time is one of our most valuable resources. How we choose to use it can greatly impact our success and happiness. Dedicating just one hour each day to a specific task or goal can have an impact on progress and productivity. The key is to use that hour intentionally and consistently. Are you working on …

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Infinite Recollections

Imagine a world where our favorite memories could be effortlessly uploaded, free from compression, available for infinite recollections. Picture the joy of revisiting those precious moments, reliving the laughter, the emotions, and the cherished connections. No longer confined to dusty photo albums or fading recollections, these memories would be accessible anytime, anywhere. We could immerse …

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Give Yourself a Compliment

Let’s be honest with each other for a moment. Can you give yourself a compliment and mean it? It’s entirely too easy these days to take outside compliments from our friends and family with stride because we don’t have to truly internalize the nice words. We don’t to think they’re real. But when those kind …

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Cannibal Reboot

Have you ever wanted to watch a cannibal reboot? Well, now with the advent of Netflix and the glorification of mental illnesses, you can do just that and watch the newest reboot: Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Though, personally, I liked it better when it was about Clarice. (see more at my TikTok …

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