Coffee Run

Go to Coyote Coffee in SC. DO IT.

The other day, I decided that I was going to go on a seven-hour coffee run. It was totally worth it and if given the chance, dagnabbit, I’d do it again.

There’s a place called Coyote Coffee in South Carolina. I was living in that state at the time of its birth. Back then it was a small little coffee joint that served a bevy of flavors that gave each specialty drink the feel of being a dessert unto themselves. They were based out of an abandoned Baskin Robbins that had seen a couple of failed attempts in reusing the space. My then-wife and I didn’t have much faith in what they were going to bring. Until we tried their selections, that is.

Explosive, well-crafted flavors filled every cup we bought. The store quickly became a fixation for us and we weren’t alone. Soon after opening, the entirety of the towns around Easley, SC came in droves. People filled the little store from open to close. The decor within slowly turned from kitschy cowgirl chic to true country heart. (The staff – at that point, anyway.) It’s since changed to accept all types of folks – consisted of thin girls in shorts, t-shirts and boots. It was fun, it was good and it caught on fast.

Since then, the owner’s made a bit of a expansion, having opened two more stores and a hole-in-the wall station in the Easley library. The menu has expanded to include lovingly crafted cafĂ© fare. The coffee menu has a rotating seasonal flavor mix that is both fun to say and delightful to drink. And yes, I have no problem driving seven hours from Georgia to South Carolina to get my fix.

I mean, not every coffee run has to be so dramatic, but a little drama can really spice up the life.

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