According to the Stormlight Archive, a website dedicated towards cataloging everything that the masterful Brandon Sanderson creates in his tightly woven fantasy series, The Stormlight Archive, a creationspren will:

[Accompany a skillful act of creation, such as drawing or painting. They appear as finger-length, glowing faintly with silvery light, transforming perpetually, taking new shapes. “Usually the shapes were things they had seen recently. They [imitate] shapes exactly, but [move] them in strange ways.” They aren’t entirely substantial.]

If such things actually existed in the world as we know it, my living room would more than likely be covered small, fanicful objects every morning.

I’ve been getting up in the six o’clock hour most mornings since NaNoWriMo started. My goal is to get out a very fast and rough draft of a memoir that starts from my birth, speeds through the first eighteen years, then tells (in pretty deep detail) my time in the Navy (2001-2005). Writing this has caused me to feel my most creative in my life and that’s an odd sensation because, well…

This isn’t fiction.

But there is a trick in being able to tell your personal stories with flair and passion so maybe that’s how I’d be attracting creationspren? I dunno.

I do know, though, that I like words. Whether I’m talking, writing or listening, the art of well-spun language threads are a simple but fulling joy.

What brings you most joy? How are you attracting creationspren?

“Shallan Davar redraw” – May, 2021 by @veneziarts on IG

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