December Dreams

My first week of December Dreams has arrived, and here in Georgia, I’m eagerly anticipating what this winter season has in store. While it’s tough to predict the weather in our neck of the woods, I’m secretly hoping for a chilly season. There’s something special about the feeling of crisp winter air and the opportunity to snuggle up with Marlee, my beloved wife.

As the days grow shorter and the nights colder, my thoughts turn to hot lattes and the delightful aroma of various soups simmering on the stove. Winter, with its inherent coziness, has always been a personal favorite. There’s a unique charm in bundling up in warm coats, sipping on steaming cups of coffee, and sharing those quiet moments by the fireplace.

However, there’s a flip side to this winter wonderland fantasy, especially for us Georgians. While the idea of snow may be romantic, the reality often sends our state into a bit of a frenzy. People here tend to lose their composure when the white flakes start falling. I’ve seen it happen, the way a few inches of snow can turn the roads into a chaotic mess, leading to countless wrecks and commotion.

So, as I eagerly welcome December and the promise of a beautiful, chilly season, I can’t help but have mixed feelings about the potential for snow. It’s a delicate balancing act, isn’t it? The desire for winter’s charm on one hand and the practicality of a snow-free, safer Georgia on the other.

As the days of December Dreams unfold, I’ll be savoring every moment, whether it’s embracing the warmth of winter or hoping for a snowless season. Here’s to a December filled with joy, warmth, and perhaps just a touch of that elusive Southern snow.

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