Everything Old is New Again

Sometimes you just look good. It’s even better when you feel good.

Have you ever heard the phrase that ‘Everything Old is New Again’? It’s a great phrase that certainly proves itself over and over again as I’ve gotten older. It definitely shown itself true in the way the folks in Hollywood and other various studio hotspots rehash movie plots. But it shows itself in social movements, food de jours, and – as is the case in this picture – fashion.

I got this 70‘s coat from Marlee’s mom. It was dragged out of a closet forgotten in a hallway and when I took it in, I was not excited about it. First thing’s first: it’s got wooden toggles to fasten the from and the cuffs. The colors – though vibrant and untouched by the passages of time – conflict with most colors that I wear. It’s got shoulder pads for goodness sake. I laughed when I tried it on. But it was the surprised look from Marlee and her parents that made me think that maybe I could pull off the look.

But I waited. I was being ‘chromophobic’ as my art teacher in high school once problematically told me.

A month later I through on my old red long sleeve shirt (pictured) and reached for my old standard grey hoodie. Underneath that, however, this coat of many colors peeked out to me. I murmured to myself ‘Everything old is new again, huh?’ and threw it on.

When I tell you that I received more compliments for that coat that day that I’ve had for a new haircut… I guess it’s fetching. I can tell you it’s warm, too. And full of static.

So when I say that phrase Everything Old is New Again, I say so with a smile. I also say ‘The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same.’

That’s a good one, too.

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