Happy lil’ Halloween

Michae and Marlee, representing Bob Ross and a Ross-inspired painting. They're having a happy lil' Halloween.

I really hope you guys are having a happy lil’ Halloween.

This was the year that I had decided that I wasn’t going to dress up and I was going to stay at home, write and drink copious amounts of coffee and water. Then fate, my friends, and my love Marlee – told me that was a stupid idea and that I was going to go out to a party with adults and socialize.

AND I was going to be dressed up.

AND the costume was going to be something wholesome and instantly recognizable.

You’ve gotta love the extroverts in your life. They’ll make sure you don’t die alone in the dark.

The pic shows what her wonderfully creative mind thought of in a moment’s instant. The painting is an original piece from her mother (whose art adorns all the halls of her house), the clothes were just… lying around, I dunno? and the completing pieces of costume were acquired at the magical store Spirit Halloween. You know, that store that only swoops in just in time to give you all things Halloween-y and plastic.

But I loved being Bob Ross and having a reason to wear my light blue, rounded collar shirt.

What did you do this season to breathe second life into your clothes?

Have a happy lil’ Halloween, folks.

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