Looking Ahead

In this week’s extended update, we’re looking ahead and reaching the culmination of the “It’s Your Loss Podcast” Kickstarter campaign. The journey has been nothing short of exhilarating, filled with your support and engagement. As we approach the finish line, whether we hit our fundraising goal or not, one thing is crystal clear – the show must go on!

This Kickstarter isn’t just about financial backing; it’s a testament to the incredible community we’ve built together. Your enthusiasm and encouragement drive this podcast forward. Even if we fall short of the funding target, don’t worry – the “It’s Your Loss Podcast” will persist, evolving and growing.

My first promo, released at the beginning of the year.

Looking ahead to 2024, I’m not just excited about the prospect of reaching our goal; I’m eager to hear about your aspirations for the coming year. What projects are you planning to complete? What goals are you setting for yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below; let’s make this a conversation, not just a campaign.

Win or lose, the real victory lies in our continued connection. And here’s a little insider information – I can’t wait to bring you more episodes, featuring not just my thoughts but yours too. That’s right, you can be a part of the “It’s Your Loss Podcast” as a guest! Interested? Click here to sign up on my website and join the upcoming discussions.

So, let’s wrap up this Kickstarter with gratitude, anticipation, and a whole lot of excitement. Thank you for being a crucial part of this journey. Cheers to the “It’s Your Loss Podcast” community, and here’s to looking ahead!

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