Lucky Dog!

How one Typesetter and her dog reimagines stationary.

You lucky dog! You’ve stumbled across a weekly blog that has little cohesion but a whole lot of heart! And I’m dedicating this particular page of my blog to two things:

1. A little link right here that takes you to all things Lucky Dog Design Co. I’ll also gush a bit on who runs it.

2. Pimping out my newest design seen to the left here. It’s available on iPhone and Samsung cases. The stickers are free. I just… I just have to figure out how to get it to folks.

Kayla Hutchinson runs and designs all the goods at The Luck Dog Design Co. (or as I read it at first on her table: Lucky Do Gmail Club) and lemme tell ya, folks:

She’s a delight.

First off, the artistic prowess she oozes as you talk to her and peruse her wares is infectious in only the best way. Her cards, stickers and other extremely giftable items (things like mugs and tote bags) have a witty and nerdy charm all over them. An allusion to Harry Potter peeks out amongst a slew of punny and quirky birthday wishes. A few curse words are sprinkled over a few of the items and adds a little pop of surprise humor. Each design is a testament to ‘attention to detail’ and love for the craft of making things. They are made to truly help you connect with the person you’re thinking of.

On a different note, My good friend and artist @DelightedGhost (Ryan Bray) helped with some of the art for my sticker on the right. I made it to talk about the well-known complaint of the cost of healthcare in the USA.

Did you know you can ask for an itemized bill from your healthcare provider?

Don’t be afraid to ask about the prices of things.

It’s your money, your body, and you deserve to be in the know.

Then, after you’re done with that, head on over to Lucky Dog Design Co.

Because I think she’s neat.

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