Made with Love

Huevos con chili on a bed of seasoned, creamy grits.

Food is at its best when it’s made with love. You know, I know it, your grandmother may have known it. So what is the best way to ensure that you’re cooking with love and does it even really matter?

Well, some studies say no. There’s a good YouTube video from the folks over at Mythical Entertainment that explores the thought that love makes better food. They found (SPOILERS) that they couldn’t definitively taste ‘love’ in prepared dishes. But, in reality, good food is a scientific endeavor and there’s nothing wrong with that. To be a good baker, you’ve got know flavor and science or else the creation may burn, over fluff, or deflate in defeat.

But I’m not referring to making food like that for the purpose of making it taste better. I’m talking about cooking with (someone you) love. Really, it makes the process so much smoother and – if you’re a good team – you’ll be pushing each other to make better and better dishes. Before you both know it, you’ve become the best cooks you’ve ever known. Or, at least, that’s the idea. Sometimes it’s not about elevating the craft. You could just enjoy spending time together while you or the other virtuoso whips up something good. However you’re cooking, I highly recommending doing it with someone.

“But Michael,” I hear you asking, “what if I’m the only one in my relationship?”

If you’re in love with yourself, dear reader, then you’re already in good company.

Just keep on keeping on. But just make sure your food is made with love.

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