Pick Up and Run

When do you pick up and run? When did the weather turn your home into a place that you can no longer stay in? If you’re anywhere on the coast of any country that has had their share of big storms, you probably answer this with: NEVER AND NOTHING. If so, that’s cool. I’m not here to judge. But I must share my experience. And luckily, it didn’t last long.

Here in Georgia, USA, it’s not a normal occurrence to see the weather’s temperature drop to the single digits. That’s why when the temp’s take a dive like that, the average Southern home suffers. They pull too much power and fry their HVAC. Or the residents realize that their homes are not made of the thick northern materials. They can’t hold the heat necessary to weather out… the… weather.

That second situation was where I found myself. And during this realization (right after the moment I noticed my fridge was feeling almost the same as my living room), my cats came up to me and were demanding attention. This wasn’t new, but they were really giving me the loud cries and sad eyes treatment.

I picked them up and found they were shivering. See, I had already made warm beds for them as I do every year. I had even made a cool tent that took up all the couch (much to Marlee’s irritation), but it wasn’t enough. We had to pack up and go stay at her parents where the walls are thicker and the air was a bit warmer.

So, I guess the moment to pick up and run really resides when your family shows you that they can’t survive in the conditions you find yourself.

Stay safe and warm, this holiday season, folks. And if you’re on the other side of the world… stay cool and safe!

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