Pickle the Chicken

Okay, okay, so maybe me throwing around the term ‘pickle the chicken’ doesn’t sound so good. Perhaps there’s another way to say that. One should take their chicken, put it in a bowl or bag with some pickle juice (I like a good dill juice from Claussen.), and let it marinate for six hours. But see, where it took me a whole minute and a half to construct that description, ‘Pickle Your Chicken’ rolls off the tongue a bit better.

So, after posting this TikTok video, I did a little digging around and found that I may have been wrong. But there’s a wiggle room towards me being right about my suspicions. In the article by Mandy Naglich on the site TastofHome.com, it would seem that the suggestions by Chick-Fil-A fans claiming that the restaurant chain marinates their chicken in pickle juice before breading them comes from all over. And Chick-Fil-A hides behind its southern cotillion lace fan, blink their eyes coyly and whispers, “I’ll never tell.” Cheeky.

But what I do is play with tastes when it comes to trying to copy recipes. So when I wanted to make a simple grilled chicken breast that maintained it juiciness, I just shoved two breast cutlets in a Ziploc, poured in the Classen juice, and let it sit. After pan searing them with a good dusting of two peppers and some parsley for a few minutes on each side, dinner was ready. The outside blackened, the inside stayed plump. It was easily the best grilled chick I’ve ever made.

Now I just need to figure out how to duplicate the Claussen pickle recipe because at $5 a jar, I might be able to triple my juice availability and pickle the chicken with the same amount of money.

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