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As I was set upon polishing the site this Monday evening, I came across this picture on my home page and I was like… ‘Farewell, sweet prince.’ I axed it and the Bonfire link I had associated with it because… well, if I’m going to try to gain traction with a good donation drive and my own merch (which I’m giving 50% of the profits for that towards RIPMedicalDebt.org), I don’t to murk up the waters by leaving a practically dead fish in the waves.

Go to the site if you’d like. I think I have like… 2? shirts there. If you like them, pick them up. But I’m pretty happy making items born from conversations I’ve had with friends, strangers, and the folks on my Discord. I’m exceptionally happy with the way the sticker and phones cases turned out.
The design :Two bandages, criss crossed. SittinWithYou's emblem is displayed in the middle of the crossed bandages. They are labeled as 50 dollars for both.
The Band Day’d Solution (above) came from a conversation I had with a stranger in a farmer’s market. She told me about how she looked at her son’s itemized bill from a visit to the ER. On there was a bandage that was priced at $25. This was not a full-body wrapping, either. This was one you give to a kid for an ‘ouchie’.


So, I had my good friend Ryan Bray (Delighted Ghost) whip up some smooth bandages, paid him for his time, and put the rest together.

Now I have a badge to hold up and rally under when the US medical system tries to gouge me or anyone else.



It’s well within your right.

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