Presentation is Everything

Even in a lazy Saturday morning meal, make presentation your priority.

There’s a reason why food is good but presentation is everything. Early on Saturday (holding on the fact that Marlee was off that same day I was), I chose to make a meal that we’ve had countless times before because it’s comfortable and I know we enjoy it:

    • Bacon
    • Savory oatmeal with cream cheese
    • Low and slow eggs with browned onions
    • Sliced avocados with a dash of salt

    It’s easy, all takes less than 25 minutes, and is a smooth way to start your day.

    I could have just thrown it all in a bowl but something told me to plate it. I normally don’t. I normally just clump it all together and we cup the bowls in front of the TV.

    Put the consistency of the oats plus the fact I had cooked odd slices of bacon told me that today was the day to prove the old axiom my father instilled in me: Presentation is Everything.

    When I sat the plates down on our tiny living room table, I had to admit they looked pic worthy. It was then I grabbed the snap above. I took her plate out of her hands and staged them in kitchen on our cutting boards because I was proud on how that little breakfast turned into an art project. The crazy thing was that it even tasted better. Or maybe I had made it with love.

    Whatever the case, take this one thing away:

    The way you see your food matters. Presentation is EVERYTHING.

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