Recording Progress

Three episodes down, and I’m well into the rhythm of my recording progress for the “It’s Your Loss Podcast.” As the late April release date steadily approaches, each session becomes more exciting and revealing.

This week’s recording session was particularly insightful, delving deep into the intricacies of loss. The podcast, bearing the same name, is my platform for examining and exploring the symptoms and effects of loss through casual conversations. The conversations are not just interviews; they’re an exploration of shared experiences, a journey through the diverse ways in which loss shapes our lives.

The anticipation is palpable as the finish line draws near. There’s a unique joy in seeing a project like this take shape—knowing that soon, these conversations will be shared with a broader audience.

“It’s Your Loss Podcast” is more than just a podcast; it’s a passion project, a genuine attempt to connect with others on a deeper level. The idea of initiating conversations about loss in a relaxed, casual manner excites me, and the positive feedback from these initial recordings fuels my enthusiasm.

Beyond the podcast, 2024 holds promises of more creative endeavors. Completing my next book is on the horizon, and the prospect of engaging with different projects is both invigorating and challenging.

And in the midst of it all, “DinQ: D&D in the Coffin Hold of the USS Enterprise,” my memoir, continues to find its way into the hands of readers, adding another layer of fulfillment to this creative journey.

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