Rubber Ducks Find Me. No, like… for real.

Michael (aka Sittin' With You) sits in his office, wearing a burgundy t-shirt with the phrase 'I Collect Rubber Ducks' on it. There are images of two rubber ducks and goose above the words. Rubber Ducks Find Him.

Rubber ducks find me. But not the way you think.

Probably. I mean, I’m no mind reader. I just think you might think I mainly go to a store, browse online or follow prolific duck creators on social media to grow my hoard.

That ain’t me.

Basically, my duck collection comes to me the same way a lot of things do: easily and through serendipity.

If I’m out and about and I come across a duck I’ve never seen before, I buy it. I’m walking through down the street and I find a scuffed and discarded duck in the gutter, I pick up and give it a bath at home. (Yes, that happened. Twice.)

Sometimes they’re free or they cost a buck or two. There are some of them are even for charity! (I love it when those come around.) Ducks can also be gifts, given to me by either those who understand my obsession or not.

In any way they come, I’m treating each addition as a sign from the universe that I’m on the right track.

And one day, when an army of plastic/rubber ducks is burying me and my life is nearing its final performance, I’ll have to reflect. I’m sure it’ll be a life well spent and full of ducks.

So yeah, rubber ducks find me. And that ain’t bad.

Check out some of my videos where I show off my collection on TikTok.

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