Settled into New Memories

The Continent of Catan. Is that the accepted lore? I hope so.
How a Board Game Helped Me Cope

Last night, I settled into new memories with some friends (Adam and Kathryn, and their friend David) to play the classic board game, Settlers of Catan. We spent hours trading resources and building our settlements, and the laughter and friendly competition made for a memorable evening.

As I was scrolling through Facebook Memories the next day, I came across a post from six years ago where I shared a update about myself playing the same game, with the caption “Today got better. I met with a group of absolute strangers, and laughed till my jaw hurt. Also, yay for #Catan.” I was struck by how much had changed since then, but also by how much had stayed the same.

Playing Settlers of Catan six years ago with a gaggle of strange college students was a way for me to escape from the sadness and stress of losing my mom. It was a way to connect with any humans I could find. Amanda had just left me around that time. and distract myself from the pain. And yet, here I was, six years later, playing the same game but for different reasons. See, while my life has changed in many ways since then, the need for connection and joy remains. I’m playing to have fun, not just to distract.

This experience reminded me that, as much as life can be unpredictable and challenging, some things are constant. The love and support of friends, the joy of a good board game, the need for connection and distraction in difficult times – these are all things that endure.

As we played Settlers of Catan last night, I found myself feeling grateful for the memories of playing the same game six years ago. It was a reminder that even in difficult times, there can be moments of love and humanity. And who knows – maybe six years from now, I’ll be playing Settlers of Catan again, with new friends and getting settled into new memories that I’ll immortalize down on social media.

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