Shaping 2024

As we get closer to shaping 2024, we stand at the threshold of possibilities. The question lingers: are you one to make promises or to mold your future like a skilled sculptor with a lump of clay?

The promise-maker looks ahead with a checklist of resolutions, a roadmap for self-improvement. They vow to hit the gym, read more, or perhaps finally take that cooking class. It’s a tradition, a ritual of renewal. For them, the New Year is a fresh page waiting for a list of commitments.

On the other hand, there’s the clay shaper, embracing the uncertainty with open arms. They see the future not as a series of predetermined goals but as a canvas ready for their artistic touch. It’s an approach that values spontaneity, allowing life to unfold without the constraints of rigid plans.

The promise-maker may find solace in structure, in the discipline of resolutions. Yet, the clay shaper thrives in the freedom of unpredictability. They navigate the unknown, finding joy in the unexpected twists and turns that each year brings.


But which path holds more promise? Is it the discipline of promises or the flexibility of the clay shaper? The answer, perhaps, lies in the balance between the two. A structured approach provides a framework, while flexibility allows for adaptation and growth.

As the chance to begin shaping 2024 dawns, consider your stance. Will you be the promise-maker, firm in your resolutions, or the clay shaper, ready to adapt to the evolving contours of life? The choice is yours, and the comments await your thoughts.

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