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Grieving Together

We should be grieving together, separately. In the intricate tapestry of life, losses go beyond death; grief touches upon status, possessions, and selfhood. How do you navigate these emotions? Join the “It’s Your Loss” podcast, where sharing your story becomes a powerful act, dismantling the stigma around diverse grief methods. Moving beyond the boundaries of …

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Winter Blues

Winter’s icy grip and the winter blues, often brings with it an unwelcome companion – seasonal depression. Recognizing its symptoms is the first step in understanding and mitigating its impact. Lethargy settles in, casting a heavy shadow over daily life. A persistent sadness lingers, and a pervasive sense of low energy can make even the …

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Shaping 2024

As we get closer to shaping 2024, we stand at the threshold of possibilities. The question lingers: are you one to make promises or to mold your future like a skilled sculptor with a lump of clay? The promise-maker looks ahead with a checklist of resolutions, a roadmap for self-improvement. They vow to hit the …

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Festive Jitters

The season of festive jitters is here, with Christmas parties and festivities, followed by the grand celebration of New Year’s. Amid the cheer, some find their anxiety levels on the rise. Navigating through these events can be overwhelming, but fret not – self-love exercises are your allies during this season. To begin, practice mindfulness. Take …

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