The concept of teamwork isn’t a new one. People have been teaming up for ages to get some tasks done. In the case of my teammate pictured here next to me, we get all the tasks done.

From making sure the laundry is done to keeping the lights on, we make sure that we’re living in comfort. We cook for each other and give each other massages to wipe away the stress. We look out for each other’s health. When we’re taking time to go out on single-day road trips or making holidays a priority, we’re investing. We make sure our time as a couple is as prioritized as it can be (around our jobs, obviously).

The great thing about all of that lovey-dovey crap is that we’re both humans trying our best to reconcile our personalities and quirks into a single unit. I say it’s ‘great’ as in the unit of size. It’s massive. It’s huge. And yes… it sometimes gets in the way.

Then there are my personal problems.

I’m not going to go deep into why I think the way I do save for the mention of my past: my mother was not a well person at times and so some of the ways she punished me left… lasting mental effects. I’m working through them as I grow, but those too get in the way when it comes to how I handle adversity in Marlee’s and my relationship.

And for some unknown reason, when we fight (and we do, because we’re people who don’t agree on everything.) those problems always seem to have some kind of breakthrough. That’s when I realize my past traumas trip me up. Then I cry, she cries, we make up, and life goes on (most times for the better.)

So where does this post go? I think it can end here: teamwork is great, but so is open communication [Take a look at this article to help open your communication by Cara Mackler].

Don’t be afraid to open up to your teammate and let them know what you really think. The worst thing you can do is just assume that they agree or disagree with you.

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