Have a hankerin’ for TONS of FISH?

Have you've eaten lots or TONS of FISH? Michael is wearing a white t-shirt with dark blue writing that says, "I've eaten LOTS of fish." The shirt also includes a cat's face and a pile of cartoon fish.

Have you eaten tons of fish?

(I really like the fact that I have an available space to take photos like this.)

I also love the fact that I have friends and family available with which to have great conversations.

This shirt was born out from a very enthusiastic friend while he was eating some sashimi and letting me and Marlee how much he fish he had eaten. What’s on the shirt was his exact word, with the same inflection. But why just immortalize his words on a nice tee when I could also pay homage to another on in my life who’s eaten TONS of FISH?

The cat on there is my youngest and most cat-like cat, Blue. That boy deserves all the love and fish. And don’t you forget it.

But all this to say that I cherish time with my friends and my community as – since I’m getting older – I want to take time to keep the intangible as close as possible without obsessing over it. And what better way for me to lightly reign all that in by making t-shirts that remind me of the good times?

Just remember to enjoy life and eat TONS of FISH.

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