Working for a Living

Quick, what’s my favorite color?

There is nothing wrong with working for a living, but there is such a thing as working too much for too little. Luckily, I’ve found that out in my recent years and I can only hope that you have as well.

Don’t spend your time pining for the next paycheck so you can fabricate a good time later. Your time is too finite and too precious to allow it to slip by unused and free.

Reach out, find the little moments in your everyday that are unique and new because those will be the things that your brain will form new bonds over. Old and stale memories do nothing for cogent mental growth and indeed make it feel as if life is going by much too fast. In fact, as humans, we should do everything that we can do to seek out activities that are outside the mundane. Do things that are scary. Accomplish feats of daring-do. Fail miserably and laugh at yourself for being human. Get messy. Climb out of ruts.

If your company or job allows for time off, take it. Studies have shown that your body (not just your mind) needs you to use your vacation time. Not taking a vacation to recuperate creates the risk of burnout, lower job performance, sleep deprivation, sickness, and even depression. In addition, stress is linked to headaches, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and infections. Therefore, that makes you a candidate for mandatory time off. You could quite literally work yourself into an early grave.

If you work for yourself, find the moments in between each day that give you joy and take you out of the headspace of the grind.

I think you get it.

Be original and be you. Unapologetically.

Working for a living is just fine. It’ll pay the bills.

But never give away your soul for the dollar.

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